About Us

We are a tiny group of intelligent people collectively numbering somewhat less than one who believes that some of the ideas Bierce represented in his Devil's Dictionary about a hundred years ago are worth considering again today. We have made an attempt to take Bierce's ideas and project them into today's state of the world. As such, the ideas expressed here are hypothetical ideas of a man who died almost 100 years ago. Occasionally we may be caught out giving our own gratuitous opinions about things, a sin for which we apologize in advance: our editorial oversight is conducted by a committee using the style in vogue among corporate bodies of governance today - it overlooks pretty much all it oversees.

The work is composed of six hundred odd entries accessed alphabetically, or by category. Roughly half are Bierce's words untouched or slightly edited. The other half are inspired by his ideas or his stylistic approach to building entries. We have tried to make most, if not humorous, then at least mildly provocative.

We hope you find Devil's Dictionary Defiled enjoyable and illuminating.


Bored of Oversight
S.R. Brubaker, Chair